Thursday, September 2, 2010

Harveys Lake - Baseline Water Testing Prior to Natural Gas Development

Recommended well testing costly; options aired

Published: September 2, 2010
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"Harveys Lake Environmental Advisory Council is teaming up with the Kirby Health Center laboratory and geologist Brian Oram to provide baseline water well testing to residents at reduced prices before natural gas well drilling begins at two sites not far from the lake.  "We are providing practical, pragmatic assistance to homeowners, as we have done for years," EAC member Michael Daley said.

Oram, who is director of Wilkes University's Center for Environmental Quality, said he is helping Harveys Lake as a professional geologist and citizen; it is unrelated to his work at Wilkes." 

Mr. Oram is working as the priniciple consultant for B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc a local business in Dallas, PA with over 20 years experience in hydrogeology, expert testimony, and water quality.  (My comment- not the author)"The nine testing packages the Environmental Advisory Council are offering are based on three-tier systems and range in price from $275 to $975. Substances tested for include methane, barium, total dissolved solids and others that could be associated with natural gas drilling but could also occur naturally."

Free Manual for Private Well Owners
I have added links to a number of self-monitoring devices that could be used as part of interim monitoring and checking by citizens.

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