Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cabot and DEP clash over Dimock water contamination

"A clash between the state's environmental regulators and gas driller Cabot Oil and Gas Corp. over the cause and solution for contaminated water wells in Dimock Township escalated on Tuesday, with the Cabot CEO accusing the Department of Environmental Protection of waging "a public war against us."

That late-day salvo - in the form of a press release and 29-page letter from Cabot CEO Dan O. Dinges to DEP Secretary John Hanger - came hours after Hanger described as "very unfortunate and false" an advertisement by Cabot published Tuesday morning in area newspapers that criticized his department and its plan for replacing the contaminated private water supplies in Dimock.

In the advertisement published in The Times-Tribune and the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, Cabot challenged a state plan to compel the natural gas driller to replace the contaminated wells with an estimated 7-mile-long, $10.5 million public water line from Montrose, calling the proposal "unreasonable, unprecedented and ... unfair."

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1. Again do not know all the details - but 10.5 million dollars to construct a water supply source for 14 home is expensive.
2. What will be the cost to maintain this system and how is paying??
3.  It is difficult to maintain chlorine residuals with a distribution system this long and ther is a chance to create THM (trihalomethanes and similiar complexes)
4. THis should not be paided by the state and should not be funded by growing greener or severence tax. 
5. If the contamination is this widespread - then the company should pay -but it seems like it is going to court.

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