Friday, June 19, 2015

Refracturing May be a Growing Market

Refracturing Is Set To Grow From 1% Of The Current Hydraulic Fracturing Market To At Least 20% In The Upcoming Years

As IHS Energy pointed out recently, the practice for refracturing accounts for less than 1% of the overall hydraulic fracturing market today, but that percentage is set to rise to at least 20% in the coming years as operators focus on maximizing every opportunity to unlock new production.

By refracturing existing wells, operators are able to contact new rock and maximize production on an existing well avoiding to invest in drilling new wellbores, which is what makes this technique such a promising strategy for maximizing production at lower costs.

The Refracturing Optimization: Results & Technology Showcase 2015 (complemented with a one-day training course instructed by Tim Leshchyshyn, President, FracKnowledge) has been designed through an industry collaboration to bring together as much tangible results-driven information as possible under one roof, and enable operators to understand if pilot tests have demonstrated the ability to effectively isolate the zone, and if refracturing has in fact proven through production results to be more cost-effective than drilling a new well. 

 The Training Course will be looking at these key areas of refracturing operations and split into 9 key modules:

1: An Introduction To Refracturing

: The Economic Proposition

: Market Trends For Primary Completions

: Damage Mechanisms

: Refrac Candidate Identification

: Refrac Market

: Frac Modelling & Design Considerations

: Evaluation Of Refracturing Success

: Refracs Examples And Case Studies

July 30, 2015 | Results & Technology Showcase

Houston, Texas

We are not part of the event - but seems like solid information.