Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gas Bubbles in the Susquehanna River - Bradford County, Pennsylvania Natural or is this a Release?

"Well water problems have become a sticking point for those who argue over the safety of natural gas drilling. But Friday we talked to people in Bradford County who say they've never seen anything like this.

Investigators from the Department of Environmental Protection were in Bradford County, trying to find answers to the bubbles rising out of the ground along the banks of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River near Wyalusing. Neighbors are concerned it may be caused by methane gas coming from nearby natural gas drilling."

Source Article with Video:,0,2590877.story

It seems like an interesting story
1. Private wells changing filters more often.
2. Gas company drilling - but drilling miles away from site.

My questions
1. Is there any horizontal drilling in the area?
2. Is the gas associated with a saline seep?  Gas bubbles coming out but is any saline water?
3. Is the gas biogenic or thermogenic?
4. Is there baseline data available for the private wells in the area?  Especially since they are changing filters more often.

1. The gas companies could be a cause - more information needed.
2. Natural  - yes could be natural gases - the Susquehanna is a buried river valley and it is not unreasonable to believe there could be methane seepage.  Methane is naturally present in anoxic environments.
3. It would be interesting if some saline water was discharging.  There are natural saline seeps in Susquehanna County.

1. Install monitoring wells around drilling sites. 

Just my thoughts - would love to see more data and information

Interesting Report on Natural Sources of Methane Gas (By EPA) - 2 MB
It appears that natural sources account for at least 37 % of total emissions.

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