Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Soils Training Course - Where is the Water Table? Pennsylvania

Advanced Soil Morphology for Engineers, PA Sewage Enforcement Officers, Geologists, and other Professionals.-
Where is the Water Table?
The course will provide an introduction into the environmental applications of soil science and soil morphology. During the presentation portion of the course, we will discuss the properties and characteristics of a soil, soil formation/ transformation, and soil hydrology. During the field portion of the course, we will be learning how to describe some of the physical properties of a soil (soil texture, structure, consistency, color), identifying soil horizons, and make interpretations related to the movement of water through the soil profile as it relates to on-site wastewater disposal and stormwater management.   The major topics that will be discussed will be “what are and the types of water tables" and "where is the seasonal high water table", role of redoximorphic features, and using soil morphological data to guide your project.

We had a great course over 9 professionals.  A mixture of engineers, geologists, and facility managers.
First part of the work was a half day discussion about soils and soil science with applications to stormwater management and land-based disposal and the second half of the day was in the field describing soils and identifying episaturation and endosaturation.  We also discussed the difference between infiltration and percolation testing and provide an introduction and professional discussion of Darcy's Law.

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