Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fracking and Your Health Speakers Series

Fracking and Your Health  Speakers Series

Wednesday, October 9th  2013
7:00 pm
Lawrenceville Moose
120 51st. St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Presentation and Q&A with workers from the shalefields
Speakers will address the jobs in the Marcellus Shale

Free to the public!Please come and bring a friend and family members!

I think the event sponsors are  Marcellus Protest along with Clean Water Action, Marcellus Outreach Butler, PennEnvironment, and Sierra Club-Allegheny Group.

1. Tried to get more detail on the speakers - could not find.
2. I did find link to article on a past event - http://www.observer-review.com/speakers-claim-fracking-caused-health-problems-cms-3729

From this article
1. Rick Sawyer, former gas field truck driver.
"Air bad - birds fall out of the sky.
2. Joe Giovannini, a Pennsylvania resident- states he evacuated home - drilling impacts - wells 400 feet away and got stage four heart and lung cancer..   He also reported - water contamination, open sores on feet, and feet turned red and hands purple and blue.

"He said after initially going to the hospital, the doctors said nothing was wrong. He added he went to his family’s doctor in January of this year and had a seizure 60 days later. Giovannini said he was admitted to the hospital and ultimately diagnosed with cancer"
3.  Randy Moyer,- highlighted rashes and bodily reactions to chemicals. Sawyer added Moyer only worked for a gas company for three months.
Dr - present was Dr. Larysa Dyrszka - affiliate member of Physicians Scientists and Engineers for Healthy Energy.
"She said fracking causes air pollution, exposure to radiation, and accidents. "

"She also spoke about how industry workers are also likely to die, but not necessarily from health conditions" 

Blog Owner Comment-

"It is called Hydraulic Fracturing"

"Seems to be a lively event -  All education is critical 
My comment - I think it is critical to remember we are the consumers of energy and we waste 58% of what we generate.  We have been happy to use and consume the energy we create and then quietly bury the waste until the production is occurring in our backyards."

Another event
SAVE THE DATE!! Thursday, November 21, 2013 in Butler!

Dr. Anthony Ingraffea,
Dwight C. Baum Professor of Engineering
at Cornell University, on the science, safety and
debate over hydraulic fracturing -- or
"fracking" -- for natural gas.


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