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New Monthly Feature - Webcasts Podcasts and Webinars Training for Professionals

Because of the importance of getting solid information and continuing education, B.F. Environmental Consultants will be providing information on webinars and webcasts that are critical to environmental professionals and professional in the areas of water treatment, design, building, engineering, alternative energy,  and environmental management.  The following is a partial listing of our available webcasts:

Commercial Solar Power Systems 
Fossil fuels won’t last forever and using them often pollutes our world. Solar energy is renewable; it’s clean; it’s free. You can lead the way to a future where solar energy power systems provide electricity in clean, efficient ways.

Design of Water Efficient Buildings This interactive webcast will discuss approaches for conserving water including water efficient building technologies, simple systems for recycling and reusing water on site, and how to drastically decrease the demands on shared supplies. This course will also discuss the many great environmental and economic benefits to water efficient buildings. We will conclude with details on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) criteria for water efficiency, plus additional case study examples on innovations in wastewater treatment and reuse.

Post Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction
Post-disaster redevelopment is essential to create (or recreate) a disaster-resilient community. In this Webcast, we will provide you with disaster recovery information. You will get strategies for economic rebound, housing recovery, health and social services, infrastructure, land use, and environmental restoration.

Introduction to Wetlands
This interactive webcast will provide a basic understanding of wetland ecology, types, functions and management. We will discuss the economic, environmental, and social importance of wetlands. This course emphasizes wetland ecology, wildlife needs, enhancement of wetland functions, wetland determination, design and implementation, management, and monitoring considerations. 

Petroleum and Natural Gas: Mud Logging Sensors and Modern EDR Systems 
Technology advances with the passage of time. The existence of portable and digital processors provides proof of this advancement in technology. There is a rising demand for enhanced equipment such as geo-pressure control and administration, contributing to the need for an additional degree of drilling machinery monitoring or observing, mud circulation pressure, volume, and flow ratio sensors. This course discusses drilling data monitoring and drilling data analysis, the types of recorders used to monitor, rotary system management and circulating system management, and properties of mud.

Downcycle, Upcycle, Precycle, and Recycle: Waste Prevention and Reuse Webcast
This interactive webcast explores the concepts of downcycling, upcycling, precycling, and recycling. In an era of resource conservation, the idea of reuse is paramount to meeting sustainability goals. We will introduce green-minded professionals to the concepts of downcycling (reclaiming), upcycling (refashioning), precycling (reducing waste), and recycling (reuse). We will focus on the environmental, economic, and social benefits of these four types of waste prevention. In addition, we will look at the relationship between waste reuse and technological advancement. 

Irrigation Practices for Commercial and Residential SitesThis Webcast is a full-spectrum discussion of irrigation practices. We'll start with history, discuss fundamentals, move on to proper design, and finish with alternative approaches to traditional irrigation methods. You'll receive valuable information on effective, efficient irrigation methodology for all residential and commercial needs.

Over 30 other webcasts currently available

Webinars - Scheduled (November and December 2013)

November 7, 2013  HVAC Systems Controls - November 7, 2013 - 12 pm to 3 pm.
Webinar will cover essential information regarding the control systems utilized with HVAC systems. After an introduction to controls, the webinar will cover numerous related topics, including control strategies, types of control systems, sensors, controlled devices, and various controllers. The webinar will focus primarily on equipment involved in temperature, humidity and air flow. 

November 14, 2013- Transit-Oriented Development- November 14, 2013, 12 pm - 3 pm EST
This three-hour webinar introduces the concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD), which is a walkable, high-density, compact, mixed-use form of development typically focused within close proximity of a transit station. Course focuses on TOD social, economic, and environmental implications in terms of transit ridership, property values, congestion relief, pollution reduction, community place making, and other aspects of transportation and urban policy. Course addresses potential negative consequences of TOD including trampling neighborhood character, gentrification, and increasing urban sprawl. Course concludes with snapshots of successful TOD case studies.  (New Webinar)

November 21, 2013 - Emergency Electric Power, November 21, 2013, 12pm-2pm EST

Webinar covers information regarding emergency electric power- primarily with respect to emergency and standby internal combustion diesel engine-generators. This webinar is an introduction to emergency and standby power systems and includes a review of practical applications.

December 19, 2013 - HVAC Design, Thursday, December 19, 2013, 1pm-4pm EST
Webinar will cover essential design information related to HVAC systems. Typical HVAC equipment and systems are covered, including key control concepts that provide reliable system operation. Webinar will be comprehensive in nature, reviewing most common types of air handling systems utilized today. 

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