Monday, October 7, 2013

Bill Mountain Steam Cleaning Service in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning-. We can utilize other systems for cleaning carpets such as encapsulation, however, our main system that we use everyday is our state of the art $45,000 truck mounted steam extraction system. Our system has the gold rating with the Carpet and Rug Institutes Seal of Approval program. The highest rating in the industry. We won’t leave any soil attracting residue and your carpets will dry in hours, not days.

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

This is a very important first step because by inspecting the carpets spots, stains, and traffic patterns. We can determine the best course of action on restoring your carpets and a plan for keeping them both looking good and functioning properly from now on. We will be asking questions like how old the carpet is, when was the last cleaning performed as well as what method was used.

Step 2: Commercial Pre-Vacuum

Close to 80% of what is in your carpets is loose dry soil. It’s hard to see, but it’s in there and abrading the carpets fibers which causes it to wear prematurely. We do a thorough pre-vacuuming to remove as much of that dry soil as possible. This greatly enhances our overall cleaning.

Step 3: Pre-Spray

We apply an agent that breaks down the soil and suspends it away from the carpet fiber to make it easier to extract out.

Step 4: Pre-spot

Any spot and stains are treated before being thoroughly flushed out.

Step 5: Pre-groom/Agitation

This helps to work the emulsifying solution into the carpet fiber and also helps to loosen the soil.
Step 6: Soil Extraction and Rinse
Using our very powerful truck mounted cleaning system we rinse and extract the soils and residues from the carpet leaving it residue free and nearly dry.

Step 7: Neutralizer

We leave no sticky residues behind which only attracts airborne particles and re-soils your carpeting very quickly. This helps to keep your carpet cleaner longer.

Step 8: Post Spot

Any stains that remain after extraction will get special attention with our arsenal of spot and stain removal agents. While some stains maybe permanent and difficult to guarantee their complete removal we are usually pretty successful in removing many different type of stains. This would be a good time to consider reapplying carpet protector which provides a protective barrier to the fibers and will keep stains from becoming more permanent.

Step 9: Post Groom

To remove wand marks and footmarks as well as set carpet pile for drying we do a final grooming that stands the carpet fiber up.

Step 10: Speed Dry

The use of high velocity air movers are used to speed up the drying process. Turning on the air conditioning on hot days, and the heat on cold days will also aid in speeding up the drying.
They just completed the carpet cleaning for our office - Great Job ! We highly recommend!
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