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Baseline Water Testing for New York State

This is a list of parameter for wells outside the 1000 foot radius around a well and not along a horizontal leg.  I do not agree with the PSU recommendations from 2008 and the updated listing in 2011 and the recommendations from CSI are still missing some key parameters.    For the record, I still do not understand the chemical oxygen demand and Total Organic Carbon. recommendation by the CSI.

This is a general list of test packages.  Please remember baseline water testing is not a one size fits all program.  The actual testing that you need depends on your health, your water source, your surrounding land-use, the history for your area, and what is planned in the near future.  Also, please note that this list evolved back in 2008 and we had been recommending key parameters like bromide, multiple gases, aluminum, and others since 2008/2009.

This approach ranges in cost from about $ 350 to over $ 1000.00.

Testing Package # 1
This package is recommended as a screening for post gas development or screening for wells that are not a long a major roadway or areas that have not been leased.
Total Coliform with e. coli confirmation, chloride, sodium, bromide, barium, pH, ORP, total dissolved solids, MBAS, iron, manganese, and methane/ethane/propane and other gases..

Testing Package # 2
This is the minimum package I recommend for the area- this is based on PADEP recommendations, plus I added Arsenic and Nitrate.  Note- If nitrate is at or greater than 1 mg NO3-N/L - I would recommend adding Nitrite.
Package # 1- plus Aluminum, T. Hardness, Magnesium, Strontium, Conductivity, Calcium, Zinc, Alkalinity, Arsenic, Nitrate, Total Suspended Solids, Sulfate, Oil & Grease, 21-VOCs/MTBE, Selenium

Testing Package # 3
More Comprehensive- Assuming the wells are outside 1000 feet of a well site and not along a horizontal leg
Package # 2 - plus Potassium, Sulfide, Ammonia, Acidity, Nickel, Gross, Alpha/Beta, Lead, and Uranium.

Possible Addons- Based on available frac water data- this would be more appropriate for wells within 1000 feet or less.
Radium 226 and Radium 228- if alpha or Uranium is high.
Turbidity- cheap screening test
Phenol and phenolic compounds- located near well or along major road
Chemical Oxygen Demand - DO Not Recommend
Total Organic Carbon- DO Not Recommend
2- Butanone (methyl ethyl ketone)
Phthalates- this may be a problem already for private wells with PVC casing or substand piping.
Ethylene Glycol and other Glycols- recommend
1,2- Propanediol - I think this is being used by some as an alternative to ethylene glycol
Acetone - may be source because of a break down in 1,2- Propanediol
Lithium- Recommend
Thallium reviewing

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Brian Oram, Professional Geologist
B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc.

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