Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Email to Fracktoids Blogspot About a False and Misleading Post

This is the full version of what I intended to send - what I did send should be posted on the blog.   Based on a review on the fracktoids blog - the bulk of the request and contact was immediately removed.  Therefore as stated in this post- the 15 days starts today 7/17/2012 after 15 days a formal request will be sent to Blogger.

I think you proved my point - one of the main problems with dealing with Marcellus Shale is the fact that some only want to hear about the causes for contamination that are associated or caused by Marcellus Shale Development and others only want to talk about everything but Marcellus Shale. This would be fine if we lived in a state where all the water was pure and there was no background or baseline contamination, no history of herbicide and pesticide use, and all private wells were properly constructed. The problem is we do not live in this world, 50% of private wells are contaminated by something that is not related to Marcellus Shale Activities, and it is not appropriate to discuss baseline testing without telling the local private well owners all the facts.

I do NOT conduct this type of biased presentation - my presentations are all fact based and balanced. You can go to my website and see the pdf versions of my talk and see the videos of methane gas migration on my  Y-Tube site. About 8 % or more private wells in Pennsylvania have elevated levels of arsenic - caused by background issues. This was probably known about 10 to 15 years ago - Did anyone tell the Private Well Owners? The primary cause is naturally occurring arsenic in the mineralogy of the bedrock, but others include old pesticides, cemeteries, etc. Also – we raised the warning flag in 2009 about the potential for the natural migration of saline water, concerns related to bromide, and other key parameter – it took PSU until 2011 to finally add key parameters to their list of parameters and Duke University until this past month to come out with a study and took PSU to recommend. I started taking about this is 2009!

For the record - I pointed out the primary concerns related to natural gas development was methane gas migration, proper well casing and cementing,  and surface spills and releases in about 2008 or 2009. I also made specific recommendations to changes to oil and gas law in PA and continue to make suggestions in my presentations. 

In your article and graphics- my connection to Shepstone as an Associate is based on their linking to my companies website and listing me along with a number of others. You did not list all the other companies and municipalities listed on their website and the way the graphic depicts this relationship suggests I am being paid and based on your posting is it clear you did not review any of my presentation or the pdf version of the presentaiton. For the record, I do not have and never had a contractual relationship with Shepstone, Tom, EID, etc.

To the questions you asked - I do not know what the gas companies do - I do not and have never worked for any and this includes EID, Mr. Shepstone, and the others you cited. I am not paid by anyone or company to conduct a presentation and I do highlight the pathways that natural gas drilling could and have affected private wells. I also include videos of natural gas migration, changes in water quality associated with methane gas migration, loss of circulation during natural gas drilling, importance of casing and cementing, and concerns related to surface spills/releases.  (this paragraph posted as a separate email).

In your blog post – you make a statement about what I see - You do not have this knowledge and you have made no formal effort to find out what is my perspective. You have never formally interviewed me and you are making statements about me and my company without making the proper effort to get the facts. 

Finally - your post is very misleading and false about my intentions and my perspective. In addition, you strongly suggest a finance connection and a bias. You are very wrong - this is false! I have never been paid other than by Wilkes University when I worked at the University to conduct talks to private well owners. I would strongly suggest if you want to post more about me and my company - that you contact us first and get the facts. Maybe Next time - send me an email with your questions, attend a talk, or schedule a presentation. This will help you to avoid making false statements that affect my character and business.

Since you are not a professional reporter and you are a concerned citizen, my only action, at this point, will be to send this post to your blog and to post this same content of my blog and facebook account. The falsehoods you post are posing a direct harm to my business and my family, making it an illegal act on your part. This will be considered the required notice that is required I am demanding that you remove these falsehoods and misinformation from your site at once. Please comply with this request before I am forced to take any other action.

If you want my perspective – here it is:

I am sorry that we do not 100 % agree, but I do not 100 % agree with anyone on either side of this issue. The problem I have is just because we do not agree – it is NOT OK to post false statements and half-truths  about me and my company.  

I have never conducted a presentation as a diversionary measure. My presentations are all fact based and balanced.  I would suggest that you watch or attend.

If the false statements and incorrect graphics are not corrected then I will make a formal report to the owner of the Blogger portal in 15 days and refer this matter to my agent.


Brian Oram

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