Sunday, July 1, 2012

Susquehanna River Basin Commission Water Withdrawal Fee Schedule

The purpose of this message is to notify you that on June 7, 2012, the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (Commission) adopted revisions to its Regulatory Program Fee Schedule, effective July 1, 2012.  Please visit the Commission's website at to view the revised Regulatory Program Fee Schedule. 

In general, fees were escalated by 3 percent based on the change in the Consumer Price Index over the last 12 months.  Other significant changes include:

·        Separate fees were established for surface water versus groundwater withdrawal applications. 

·        Aquifer testing plans and waiver requests were separated on the fee schedule, and a clarifying footnote (No. 8) was added which states that when a waiver request is denied, the project sponsor will be required to develop an aquifer testing plan and pay a separate fee.

·        A new table was added which establishes fees for renewal applications.

·        The Consumptive Use Mitigation Fee was increased from $0.29 per 1,000 gallons consumed to $0.30 per 1,000 gallons consumed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Commission at (717) 238-0423 or via e-mail at

1. How about using a portion of the funds to fix private wells in PA?  This is real protection for our groundwater aquifers !

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