Thursday, June 14, 2012

Certified Baseline Sampler Training Program Oil and Gas Ohio Pennsylvania

Certified Baseline Sampler Training Program

Due to events like the shale natural gas drilling, new water well development and overall water quality awareness; the need for certified water sample collectors is growing by leaps and bounds to help keep up with the demand for compliant and regulatory water testing. National Testing Laboratories in conjunction with Wilkes University and B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. is offering a Certified Sampler Program to individuals interested in learning about proper sample collection techniques and chain of custody.

The Certified Sampler Program was developed to address specific collection issues and testing requirements associated with New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia and Texas. We are also gathering additional testing information necessary for testing in Wyoming and Colorado as well. Certified sample collectors are required for any type of water sampling that needs to be collected for regulatory/compliance testing or testing that may have litigation implications.

Who should consider attending this class? Anyone working in the water industry including Water Treatment professionals, Well Drillers, Public Water Supply Technicians as well as Environmental Activists who may want to learn more about the process of water testing. More importantly, anyone who would be interested in being called upon to collect water samples in the field for compliance and/or regulatory testing. Why attend this class? For many reasons, including Water Quality Association (WQA) continuing education credits, additional income sources and lead generation to name a few. At the successful completion of this program, you will receive WQA continuing education credits; a Certificate of Completion from Wilkes University and a Certification of Completion from B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. on Proper Chain of Custody.

When: July 28, 2012
Where: Cleveland, OH (location to be determined)
Cost: $175.00 per person Reservations are required for class attendance

The class will be held on July 28, 2012 in Cleveland OH. There will be approximately 4 hours of classroom instruction as well as hands on field instruction. Seating is limited and reservations will be taken on a first come-first serve basis. Reservations must be made by no later than June 29th or until capacity is reached. For reservations or if you have questions about this class, please contact Marianne Metzger at 800-458-3330 x223 or email at

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  1. The course will review the key components of sampling, helping samplers select parameters, evaluate data, and a hands-on sample collection training.

  2. Great Event - I believe over 15 student from NY, PA, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, and more. Lots of great questions - we actually inspected a water system and "played" with some water quality meters.