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Hallstead Susquehanna County Baseline Water Testing Arsenic Barium Strontium

Sample Information- Sample # 1 (Well)
Susquehanna County, Hallstead Borough
Site: No release
Drilled Well- 250 feet, drilled in 1993 – no treatment
Purge Time – 10:38 to 11:15 am
Estimated – Latitude/ Longitude (No release to Public - Data only in Database)

Lab Number – XXXXXXXX (Microbac Lab- Lab ID - 1208032)
3/22/2012 at 11:15 am
Parameter                                 Result               Action / Regulated      Comment
pH  (field- f)                             7.29                             6.5 to 8.5                    OK
ORP (f) (mv)                            + 344                           no standard                 OK
Conductivity (f)(uS/cm)          194 uS/cm                   no standard                    OK
Est. TDS* (f) (mg/L)              126 mg/L                     < 500 mg/L                OK
Temperature (f) (C)               8.79 C                         no standard                     OK
Odor                                        NONE                         < 3                          OK
Color                                       Clear                           no standard                   OK
Dissolved Oxygen                  10.07 mg/L                  no standard                     OK

Arsenic                                   0.0013 mg/L                < 0.010 mg/L              OK
Barium                                    0.15 mg/L                    < 2 mg/L                     OK
Chloride                                  1.35 mg/L                    < 250 mg/L                 OK
Ethane                                    < 0.005 mg/L              no standard                   OK
Methane                                 < 0.005 mg/L              < 7 mg/L                   OK
Sodium                                    13 mg/L                       no standard                    OK
Strontium                                0.35 mg/L                    no standard                     OK
Turbidity                                 1.1 mg/L                      < 5 ntu                         OK

The following are my general comments:

1. Aeration device on sink was not removed- it would have been better for the sampler to select an alternative sampling site.  The high dissolved oxygen value suggests re-aeration was occurring.

2. It would have been better for the laboratory to conduct an analysis for total dissolved solids rather than estimating a value based on the conductivity reading.   The value is only a good estimate.

3. It is very good that the sampler noted the lack of odor and color.

4. Because of the estimated total dissolved solids, it would have been advisable to test the water for total hardness, iron, and manganese.   This is further supported by the fact that the water had a turbidity of 1.1 ntu.  This suggests there could be some reduced iron and manganese in the water.

5. In the field log – the sampler does not provide the units for the field measurements, but they appear to correct for this in the report.  It would have been best to have this on the field data sheet.

6. It is very good that you had the water tested for arsenic.

7. Overall, the screening test was very good.  There does seem to be a few parameters lacking, but this could be corrected by conducting some additional testing or making sure to allow a natural gas company to sample your water.

The primary issues with natural gas development have been associated with methane gas migration (Your OK), discolored water (your are lacking testing for iron and manganese),  and the potential for saltwater migration (Your OK).  In addition, it has been suggested that bromide may be a good secondary indicator for saline water and drilling mud migration.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your fellow private well owner for releasing this data to help other well owners in the area.  Thanks for supporting the Citizens Groundwater Database a free program in Pennsylvania.

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Mr. Brian Oram, PG
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