Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Arsenic Drinking Water Private Wells Ohio

Ohio begins testing of Arsenic levels in drinking water- B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc and the Water Research Center has been recommending private well water testing and we strongly recommend that water water be tested annually.  Our first post on this subject dates back to 2000.
Arsenic is a semi-metal, a member of the nitrogen family. It occurs naturally in the earth and in the seas. It is odorless and tasteless. Arsenic is an element (As) that occurs in the earth’s crust-rock, soil, all natural sources of exposure, or can be traced to deep water brines used to produce oil and natural gas.    Consumption of food and water are the major sources of arsenic exposure for the majority of US citizens.  People may also be exposed from industrial sources, as arsenic is used in semiconductor manufacturing, petroleum refining, wood preservatives, animal feed additives, and herbicides. 

Arsenic can combine with other elements to form inorganic and organic arsenicals. In general, inorganic derivatives are regarded as more toxic than the organic forms. While food contains both inorganic and organic arsenicals, primarily inorganic forms are present in water. Exposure to arsenic at high levels poses serious health effects as it is a known human carcinogen. In addition, it has been reported to affect the vascular system in humans and has been associated with the development of diabetes. 

As compared to the Western part of the United States,  it is relatively rare  contaminant in Pennsylvania groundwater supplies.  A recent survey by the U.S Geological Survey (USGS) found that arsenic exceeded 5 ppb in 5% of wells in Pennsylvania.  Recent work in Northeastern Pennsylvania - indicates that it that the occurrence may be slightly higher.  For Ohio, it is likely that less than 5 % of wells will have elevated levels of arsenic.

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