Saturday, March 26, 2011

Well Water Testing and Private Water Supply Analysis

Residential Private Well Owner Water Supply and Homeowner Drinking Water

Testing and Evaluation Program

Environmental Education and Outreach - Drinking water testing and analysis services provided by National Testing Laboratories, Commercial Laboratories, and University research laboratory - using certified procedures. The residential water testing program includes analysis for common water quality problems, microbiological contamination, and makes recommendations regarding the potential need for water treatment devices, such as: softeners, reverse osmosis units, distillation, neutralizers, chlorination systems, ultraviolet or UV systems.   The program provides links to quality laboratory testing services or tools to monitor the quality yourself.

Getting your well water or private drinking water source tested is critical.  Here are just a few options:
Option 1: Water Chemistry - NEW Addition- Natural Gas Parameters, plus Lead and Arsenic and Glycols.

Option 2: Bacterial Evaluation - total coliform, e coli, and fecal streptococcus
Option 3: Specialized Bacterial Testing - sulfur related bacteria that may indicate a pathogen is present
Option 4: Metals, Organic, Pesticides, Herbicides, and more
Option 5: Pathogenic Bacteria - New Addition for Repeated Coliform Positives

Comprehensive Water Quality Testing for Information Only (Watercheck Program)
Baseline and Certified Water Quality Analysis in Pennsylvania
Measuring Water Quality (Field Meters) - Students / Professionals

At a minimum, the water should be tested annually.  If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Free Information !
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  1. What is the best Water Testing Kits we can use to measure the bacterial growth and oxygen.

  2. If you are looking at bacterial growth, I would test for total coliform, standard plate count, and may be nuisance bacteria.

    Oxygen - this would have to be field tested.

    If you are looking for the rate of Oxygen Consumption - I would look at the 5 day BOD or 20 day BOD test or a COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand Test)

  3. The new AP-7000-LTD probe is coming soon
    Aquaread is proud to announce the latest addition to their range of water quality testing probes: the AP-7000-LTD. Specifically designed from the ground up for long term deployment, this new probe features extensive use of environmentally safe anti-fouling components and coatings in conjunction with a unique dual wiper mechanism.
    Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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