Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ecotourism in the Poconos - Exploring Audubons Lehigh - The Auto Tour

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Auto Tour
prepared by: The Audubon's Auto Tour Advisory Board
The Auto Tour highlights John James Audubon's 1829 visit to the Upper Lehigh River in Northeastern Pennsylvania, where he explored the variety of birds and other wildlife. The Auto Tour retraces some of his Footsteps through the "Great Pine Forest" and provides the "Explorer" the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the region and its rich industrial and natural heritage. During the 53 mile looped tour, you will be given an opportunity to see the region as John James Audubon, plus enjoy the historic towns and villages, beautiful countryside and scenic views, historical landmarks, and unique geological features.
John James Audubon is the famed 19th century naturalist who traveled, observed, painted and wrote about birds and other wildlife. He lived in Pennsylvania and traveled extensively throughout the United States. The aim of the Audubon's America Program is to help conserve, enhance, interpret, and protect the natural and cultural resources. Where appropriate, the program aims to stimulate tourism, recreation, and economic development on both public and private lands.
During the tour you will be guided using tour map, audio cassette, posted tour signs, and a guide book. The detailed guide book and self-guided audio cassette, and maps are available and the tour and directional signs have been installed along the tour route. The audio cassette not only provides you with directions, but suggestions for side trips and additional history of the region, specific historical events and much more.
Its is our hope that you will be able to discover the beauty of our region just like John James Audubon did in 1829. If you are interested in historic sites and buildings, birding, trails and railroads, wildlife, great scenic views, outdoor activities, and even unique shops, eateries, and stores, the TOUR is FOR YOU !
The mission of the Audubon's Auto Tour Advisory Board is to celebrate the rich natural and cultural heritage of the region by highlighting John James Audubon's 1829 visit to the area. This central them encompasses the auto tour project Exploring Audubon's Lehigh. Through Exploring Audubon's Lehigh the Board will strive to encourage community pride and a commitment along it members to build bridges between communities along the route; to stimulate eco-tourism and economic development; promote preservation of natural and cultural heritage; and to improve the quality of life for future generations.
We are in the process of securing grants that will help cover a portion of the expenses for this project, but we need YOUR HELP. For many of the grants Matching Funds are needed and in some cases matching funds will be Automatically Doubled by private sector sponsors. If you could make a fully Tax Deductible Contribution it would be Greatly Appreciated. If you can not make a donation, please consider visiting our online Auto Tour Store, Visit Our Sponsors Page or please consider becoming a more active member of the Audubon's Auto Tour Committee. To send a donation, please send your contribution to:

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