Monday, April 5, 2010

Wind Energy Training and Assessment Program - Is Live

We are announcing our wind energy apprentice and assessment programs. 

Wind Energy Apprentice Program

Wind energy companies are growing exponentially to meet America's demand for clean, renewable, and domestic energy. This entry level Wind Energy Apprentice course prepares you for a career in the wind energy industry. Students will learn the basics of wind energy principles including wind technology, wind energy anatomy, wind farm design, wind business, and characteristics of energy sources. This course covers the fundamentals of hydraulics and basic theory and practice of electrical circuits, including calculations as applied to alternating and direct currents.   Over 240 hours of training

Wind Energy Assessments
A wind resource assessment program is similar to other technical projects. It requires planning and coordination and is constrained by budget and schedule limitations. It demands a clear set of objectives so the best assessment approach is selected. Its ultimate success rests on the quality of the program's assembled assets—sound siting and measurement techniques, trained staff, quality equipment, and thorough data analysis techniques.  (Online Training Course - you can complete in 1 day)

Wind Energy Information and Systems
This three-hour course is a review of how wind energy power systems work and the components that constitute a wind energy system. This course discusses the types of wind energy systems, their characteristics, the methods used to classify and analyze wind resources, and the impacts of wind energy systems on electric power systems as well as their impact on the environment.  (Online Training Course - you can complete in 1/2 a day)

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