Monday, April 5, 2010

Radon Testing and Training Program - Goes Online

Radon Measurement
Our New 16-hour - Radon Inspection Testing and Measurement Course is live.  This course is especially important if you are working in the following professions: Home Inspector, Professional Engineer, Engineering Technician, Radiation Technologist, Energy Auditor, Environmental Consultant, Building Contractor, HVAC Contractor. This course covers Radon principles, how radon enters buildings, radon testing equipment, QA/QC programs, and preparation for the NEHA certification test. Each student will download, by unit, a complete 200 plus page manual.

For details go to Our "Green Building Training Program"

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  1. That is good then - if we compare it to old times when trainings like these can only be accessed by bringing in expensive trainers or by going to a far away location for the seminar or training, online training is much more convenient and cost effective.