Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pennsylvania Free Radon Air Test Kit Program

The American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic has obtained a supply of radon test kits from a laboratory certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. These radon kits are available only to residents of Pennsylvania. Each radon test is designed to work as an initial screening test. You should use it in the lowest lived-in level of your home. Directions are included. The test should be exposed to the air in your home for four to seven days before being returned promptly to the testing laboratory for analysis and report preparation. Postage, analysis, and a report of the results are all part of the no-fee package.
To receive your free radon kit, visit the website below. Only one radon kit is available per household. If multiple kits are requested from a single computer, only the first request will be fulfilled. Radon kits are distributed based on regional location. The regional map can be seen above at the right. Each region has a different number of kits available based on numerous factors including population and available statistics. If kits are not currently available in your area, please check back as additional kits may become available. Test Kits are available only to PA Residents. Please allow four to eight weeks for delivery.

Because supplies are limited, do not request a Test Kit unless you are sure you will actually use it. Also, if you have already tested, we ask that you leave the available test kits for others. We thank you for your cooperation.  Please visit the following website and enter your zip code to see if a free radon kit is available.

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