Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Pickens Plan - The Talking Points

The following are some of the talking points from the Pickens Plan America is facing major threats to our economy, national security and environment, and foreign oil is at the heart of all 3 issues.

1. Since 1970, our oil imports have grown from 24% to nearly 70%.

2. America uses 25% of the world’s oil, but only has 4% of the population and just 3% of the world’s oil reserves.

3. This addiction exposes our economy to price fluctuations. 4 of the last 5 recessions have followed significant jumps in oil prices.

Investing in America
1. High oil prices and an outflow between $350 and $700 billion a year are devastating our economy.

2. The solution to foreign oil and the economy are one and the same: Investing in a new energy infrastructure for America would create more than 3.45 million new jobs while keeping our money in here at home instead of sending it overseas.

The Security Issue

1. Relying on foreign nations for oil has made us perilously vulnerable to enemies and accidents.

2. Violence and uncertainty in the Middle East, Africa and Venezuela could threaten 51% of our import supply.

3. Russia, emboldened and armed by huge oil profits, invaded Georgia and shut down an oil pipeline capable of carrying a million barrels a day.

We Need Big Numbers

1. 70% of oil is used as fuel for transportation.

There are 244 million cars and trucks in America. To end dependence on foreign oil, we have to use something other than foreign oil to run those vehicles.

We Can’t Just Drill Our Way Out

1. America imports 12 million barrels a day, and Saudi Arabia only produces 9 million a day.

2. Does anyone think there is more undiscovered oil here than in all of Saudi Arabia? That doesn’t pass the laugh test.

There is a Way

1. Within 10 years, 22% of our electricity can come from wind and solar — helping conserve America’s natural gas for use in transportation.

2. Conservation - we need to improve our energy awareness and efficiency.

3. Switch to local or homegrown solutions - biomass, biofuels, natural gas, geothermal, regional wind, regional solar, and individual solar/wind systems.

For more information on the Pickens Plan - go to

Local Regional Events - NE Pennsylvania
Energy and Environmental Expo and Green Event
June 13 - June 14, Dallas, Pennsylvania

Source of Information - Pickens Plan Website

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