Saturday, May 2, 2009

Marcellus Shale - Citizens and Royality Owners Northeastern Pennsylvania Background Water Testing

B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. provides environmental consulting and education outreach services to landowners and other organizations. The primary focus of our natural gas outreach efforts is to aid in evaluating and documenting baseline environmental conditions and to educate citizens on the natural gas development. These services include assisting in documenting baseline environmental conditions and helping landowners to understand the baseline environmental quality. The primary purpose of this website is to help educate and inform the public, landowners, municipal officials, and other organizations.

B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. has prepared a summary or a series of background water testing packages to help local citizens, community groups, and royality owners document baseline water quality. In order to maintain chain-of-custody, a professional geologist or other trained professional will collect the water sample, document existing conditions, and if necessary document the static water level in a well or flow in a stream or spring. The samples will be field tested and screened and then submitted to a certified testing laboratory for analysis. The testing packages have been developed based on a review of the available recommendations by Penn State University, Wilkes University, PADEP, other research facilites, and a review of the background quality of the water in the Marcellus Shale and data from frac water collected from a Northeast Pennsylvania Drilling Site.

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