Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Greening Up Projects - Getting Ready for Stimulus Money

It may not make sense, but one way to start looking at potential projects that are of an environmental nature is to consider Greening Up the Project. I do not mean Green Washing, but really putting in "green" "sustainable" components to the project.

Also, make the project manageable, team with profit/ public agencies to leverage resources, and make sure to use these projects as local demonstration and education projects.

Here are some greening examples:

a. Stormwater projects - consider including the implementation of green roofing systems either built in place or prepackaged systems like the Green Grid System into new homes or existing homes. Consider the installation of bioretention systems on a number of individual lots.

b. Larger Stormwater Projects - Consider adding a safety component - such as a dry hydrant system or rural fire protection and potentially solar panels to help circulate and aerate the water. These features could be intergrated into the creation of community areas or located near fire stations and other emergency needs.

c. Watershed Projects - non-point source pollution control issues - consider conducting a carbon foot print analysis and green up current brownfields or paved areas. For every 1 acre of pavement that is converted into a green area, we prevent the equivalent runoff from up to 70 acres of forest from entering the stream. If a project is establishing a forested buffer zone - document the preinstall and post-install carbon credit in addition to water quality improvements.

d. Urban Watersheds - consider the combination of the water resource issues and the existing housing issues to manage stormwater, flooding, housing infrastructure, reclamination of brownfields and mine drainage.

e. Downdown Redevelopment - should include improving energy efficiency, water usage, increasing green space, maybe some alternative energy, utilizing green housing system, and reuse of at least stormwater.

Therefore, make sure to take advantage of the carbon credit to help leverage the project.
Just a few examples
Brian Oram

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