Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Online Finance Risk Management Training Program

B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc in partnership with The eLearning Center is facilitiating a number of training programs to help understand and evaluate risk in finance management. Working professionals who need specialized training or those embarking on a new job can reach their career goals though continuing education in risk management. Classes cover topics like operational risk, portfolio return and value-at-risk, a measure used by financial practitioners to quantify their exposure to loss. To fully grasp what risk management is all about, enroll in the course Understanding Uncertainty. This class will give you a background in the basic principles of uncertainty, an essential part to recognizing all kinds of risk. Another course, which offers mandatory continuing education credit, describes the technique of Monte Carlo simulation to calculate possible future returns based on past experience.

In partnership with e-learning company Zoologic, The eLearning Center brings you convenient risk management training online. With a computer and Internet connection, you don’t need to leave home to attend classes. Please note that some courses may require prerequisites, so read class descriptions carefully before enrolling. Make your mark on the financial world by becoming a valued employee with ideal job skills.   The courses being offered include:

Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation

Monte Carlo Simulation and VAR
Operational Risk Fundamentals
Operational Risk: Quantification and Mitigation
Portfolio Diversification
Portfolio Returns
Portfolio Risk
Probability Distribution of Returns
Understanding Uncertainty
Value at Risk

To Learn More - Go to Online Financial Management Training Courses

Other Programs
Waste/Environmental Management
Hazardous Materials Management
Software Training Programs


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