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Groundwater Quality Water Quality Data, Bedrock Data in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Sources of Water Quality or Groundwater Data for Pennsylvania

"The Pennsylvania Ground Water Information System (PaGWIS) consists of a large Access relational database containing data for wells, springs, and ground water quality throughout Pennsylvania. An interface to retrieve data from the data file provides easy-to-use forms that quickly retrieve well, spring, and/or water quality information on the basis of a county, a latitude-longitude rectangle, or an approximation of a radius around a point. Latitude/longitude values can be entered in either decimal degree or degree-minute-second format.
The user is expected to have a working knowledge of file management under the Windows operating system. Although PaGWIS provides an interface that makes it simple to retrieve data for ground water sites in user-defined areas of Pennsylvania , the PaGWIS database contains much more data than is retrieved by these canned queries. With a working knowledge of Microsoft Access the user can modify the canned queries in order to retrieve exactly the information desired. "
Water Resource Report 69

Hydrogeologic and Well-Construction Characteristics of the Rocks of Pennsylvania

"The Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey has released Water Resource Report 69, Hydrogeologic and Well-Construction Characteristics of the Rocks of Pennsylvania. This report consists mainly of a Microsoft Access database and is authored by staff geologists Gary M. Fleeger, Thomas A. McElroy, and Michael E. Moore.
The database provides a statewide statistical summary of the hydrogeologic and well-construction characteristics of the stratigraphic units on the 1980 edition of the state geologic map published by the Bureau (Berg, T. M., and others, compilers, 1980, Geologic map of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Geological Survey Map 1, scale 1:250,000). Over many years, hydrogeologic studies have been completed in various parts of the state by different agencies. However, no statewide summaries based on these studies have been compiled prior to this report."

Digital Bedrock Aquifer Characteristics by Physiographic Section of Pennsylvania

"In 2001, the Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey (the Bureau) released the Digital Bedrock Geology of Pennsylvania. This dataset was based on Map 1, Geologic Map of Pennsylvania, by T. M. Berg and others. "
USGS ground-water-quality data in Pennsylvania-- A compilation of computerized [electronic] databases, 1979-2004.

USGS Groundwater Data for Pennsylvania

DEP ambient groundwater monitoring program groundwater data on Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access website (PASDA). Ambient and Fixed Station Network (FSN) Groundwater Monitoring Point Data (1985 - 1998)

Ground-Water Resources of the Brunswick Formation in Montgomery and Berks Counties, Pennsylvania
Summary of Groundwater-Recharge Estimates for Pennsylvania

Ground-Water Resources of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania

Groundwater Resources of the West Branch Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania

Chemistry and Origin of Oil and Gas Well Brines in Western Pennsylvania  (plus other reports on Frac Water Chemistry, Frac Chemicals, and Natural Gas Development)

Just a short list of resources


B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc

Free Manual for Private Well Owners
Groundwater Citizens Database for Northeastern Pennsylvania

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