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Asbestos, Lead, Home Inspection, and First Responder Training Programs Online Training Courses

Asbestos Training Program
In the construction industry, asbestos is found in installed products such as sprayed-on fireproofing, pipe insulation, floor tiles, cement pipe and sheet, roofing felts and shingles, ceiling tiles, fire-resistant drywall, drywall joint compounds, and acoustical products.

In this course the student will learn the OSHA requirements regulating asbestos in the construction industry.
The student is expected to read and review the material contained in the Asbestos Standard For The Construction Industry OSHA 3096.  The student must take a multiple-choice quiz consisting of twenty-five (25) questions at the end of this course to obtain 5 PDH credits.

Lead Training Program

Employers must be aware of workplace hazards facing their workers and must take appropriate action to minimize or eliminate exposure to these hazards. The interim OSHA standard aims to reduce the exposure to lead for construction workers. The most significant way to achieve this was by lowering the permissible exposure limit (PEL) of lead from 200 micrograms per cubic meter of air as an 8-hour time weighted average (TWA) to 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air.
This course will review the new interim OSHA standards for lead exposure during construction activities. For the purpose of this standard, lead includes metallic lead, all inorganic lead compounds, and organic lead soaps. OSHA's lead in construction standard applies to all construction work where an employee may be occupationally exposed to lead. All work related to construction, alteration, or repair, including painting and decorating, is included.
Lead is a cumulative and toxic substance. People who swallow or inhale lead compounds may become ill or die from lead poisoning. Although lead is eliminated from the body at a slow rate, inhaling even a small amount of a lead compound over an extended period of time may cause lead poisoning. Immediate symptoms of disease may not be noticeable. As the blood is circulated through the body, lead is stored in various organs and body tissues. The lead stored in the body may be slowly causing irreversible damage: first to the cells, then to the organs, and finally to the whole body system.
Engineering controls reduce employee exposure in the workplace either by removing or isolating the hazard or isolating the worker from exposure through the use of technology. Under the lead in construction standard, mechanical ventilation may be used to control lead exposure. If used, the employer must evaluate, as necessary, the mechanical performance of the system in controlling exposure to maintain its effectiveness.

First Responder Training
Our first responder certification training program is designed to meet the growing demand for qualified individuals in the field of emergency management. The growing number of disasters in recent years has placed the field of emergency management in the spotlight. The demand for skills in this field is growing out of necessity and provides many opportunities in both the public and private sector for job seekers.

This multimedia-rich first responder certification training program reflects the practitioner and applied knowledge base, particularly lessons learned at local and state government levels. It is an emergency management program to address all phases of emergency management—the social and environmental processes that generate hazards, hazard/vulnerability analysis, hazard mitigation, emergency response and disaster recovery, emergency response, disaster recovery, as well as emergency planning.

Home Inspection Training ProgramOf all the home inspection certification courses available, we think you'll agree ours is the most convenient and affordable course available. National Institute of Building Inspectors (NIBI®) was established in 1987 to provide educational programs, occupational training, and technical support for the home inspection and construction industries. NIBI offers classroom training programs, special seminars, field-training, continuing education programs, and a web-based online learning program.
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