Saturday, November 6, 2010

Heat Spring Learning Institute Promotion Discount Code - Discount Education for Alternative Energy

The B.F. Environmental Consultants has partnered with Heat Spring Learning Institute to offer an Accredited Geothermal Installer, Solar, BPI, and other training courses. HeatSpring Learning Institute is an education company focused on providing clean energy training to building professionals.  Heat Spring provides convenient, high quality education and training and helps small and large business grow with the clean energy industry.   The company's course offerings range from solar and geothermal basics to advanced technical courses for building designers and system installers.  The courses are taught by certified and approved instructors and meet all or part of the requirements to become certified.  In some cases, the courses meet the requirements for continuing education credits for licensed professional and AIA (architects).

For more information - please visit the course website at
Use discount code "bfenviro"

For other certification and training courses, go to

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