Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How to file a Consumer Complaint Related to Natural Gas

PA State Attorney General Consumer Complaint Office

Action items
The State Attorney General of PA can help with complaints and problems about gas drilling.
They can Do:
* You CAN file a complaint about the practices of landmen, or gas company and pipeline representatives. If you feel you have been subject to unfair tactics, fraud, bullying, pressuring etc you may make a formal complaint.

What They Can NOt Do, this is what the Attorney General's Office cannot do:
The Office does not handle,

* environmental issues; complaints must be made to the EPA or The PA DEP, if they appear to be criminal in nature they MAY be turned over to the investigative department of the State Attorney General's Environmental Crimes Unit. They work by referral from other agencies only.
* They do not assist with leasing complaints, that is an attorney/client issue. You must get your own legal assistance to resolve lease issues.

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