Saturday, March 27, 2010

Six Sigma Training Program available in Pennsylvania and online

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification  - I studied Kung-fu for about 15+ years - I never throught about getting a Green Belt Certification in management.  This information on an management training course that I think is great.

Six Sigma is a Quality Improvement methodology structured to reduce product or service failure rates to a negligible level (roughly 3.4 failures per million opportunities). To achieve six sigma levels, the Six Sigma process encompasses all aspects of a business, including management, service delivery, design, production and customer satisfaction. Six Sigma companies typically spend less than 5 percent of their revenues addressing and repairing quality problems.
As a philosophy Six Sigma drives business culture and requires a nearly flawless execution of key processes making Six Sigma a high standard for companies and individuals to achieve. Customers place a high value on predictably consistent business processes and Six Sigma is a proven methodology for delivering consistent incremental improvement. By reducing process variation Six Sigma frees the organization to focus on improving process capability and as sigma levels increase, the cost of poor quality decreases and profitability increases. This is why Six Sigma is highly associated with the delivery of consistent world-class quality. The Six Sigma Greenbelt online program provides an overview of the Six Sigma concepts and tools including Six Sigma deployment practices, project development, and the DMAIC problem-solving approach.

Course Outline

I. Why Six Sigma?
II. How to Deploy Six Sigma
III. DEFINE: Project Definition
IV. DEFINE: Project Scheduling
V. DEFINE: Change Management/Teams
VI. MEASURE: Tools and Objectives
VII. MEASURE: Establishing Process Baseline
IX. MEAUSRE: Individuals Data
X. MEASURE: Process Capability
XI. MEASURE: Attribute Charts
XII. ANALYZE: Introduction to Regression Analysis
XIII. ANALYZE: Lean Thinking
XIV. IMPROVE: Tools and Objectives
XV. CONTROL: Tools and Objectives

Training Portal - Get your Green Belt
Six Sigma - Training Video

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