Saturday, September 19, 2009

B.F. Environmental Inc. Partners with National Water Testing Business

B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. has partnered with National Testing Laboratories (NTL) to provide informational water testing for private wells, springs, and other water sources. This relationship offers are customers access to world-class water testing service at an affordable price. This testing is for informational purposes only and not for a regulatory submission or legal action. By having the water tested professionally from a lab that uses approved and EPA methodologies, the testing results carry the quality and reliability of a certified test and provide information to target and identify potential environmental issues at an affordable rate. This service provides an affordable option for attempting to identify problems, design water private residential water treatment systems, and confirm the general quality of the water.

The featured water testing package is the Well Check Water Testing package. This package  our well water testing package that includes microbiological testing (Total Coliform & E-Coli) and the analysis of 19 heavy metals & minerals, 6 inorganic chemicals and physical factors. This package helps homeowners to determine what is in their well water and if a treatment system is needed. This package is a great follow up test for our customers who are using our Watercheck test package and need to determine if new treatment systems are working to correct any bacteria or metals issues that were detected. This product also benefits anyone who is looking to monitor their well water on a regular basis. There is no more reliable, easier, faster, or cost effective way for testing your drinking water". For more details follow this Informational Water Testing Program .

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