Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Reason for Private Well Construction Standards in PA

Beltzville Lake Estates

A site meeting was held at Beltzville Lake Estates to try and find a solution to contaminated water. Attending were Sean Corey of Spotts Stevens and McCoy, the sewage enforcement officer; Bill Richards from Rep. Keith McCall's office; Rob Stermer from the Department of Environmental Protection; William Meecham, a resident of the development who brought it to supervisors' attention in August; and the supervisors.

They found evidence of contamination of surface water and a stream that begins at an artesian well. Stermer suggested dye testing to eliminate on-lot septic systems as possible sources.

E coli and fecal matter have been found in Meecham's well and another house going in does not meet location requirements. The proposed septic system has to be 50 feet from a water source and his is six feet. It is believed the drainage moved closer to the proposed site since the approved test was done. The water will have to be redirected or another site for the septic system will have to be found.

Ducks were removed from the property since they were considered a possible source but it did not make a difference.

Joseph Faradlo said, after last month's complaint that his septic system did not work even though it passed inspection, he found neighbors whose system were not working properly also and passed inspection. He suggested the township get a new sewage enforcement officer.

Original author - By ELSA KERSCHNER
September 9, 2009

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