Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wind Energy Assessment - Online Training Course Announced

B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc is announcing the availability of a wind resource assessment course. The course is offered as part of the companies distance learning program and the course is available to citizens and professionals.

A wind resource assessment program is similar to other technical projects. It requires planning and coordination and is constrained by budget and schedule limitations. It demands a clear set of objectives so the best assessment approach is selected. Its ultimate success rests on the quality of the program's assembled assets—sound siting and measurement techniques, trained staff, quality equipment, and thorough data analysis techniques.

In this course the student will learn various resource assessment approaches and recommendations for the use of a formal measurement plan, a monitoring strategy, and a quality assurance plan. The course summarizes the most commonly used siting techniques and addresses land leasing and permitting requirements for a measurement tower. The course details the recommended measurement parameters and offers guidelines for incorporating other optional parameters that may benefit your monitoring program. The course describes the instrument components of a recommended wind resource monitoring station, including the performance specifications for basic and optional sensors. The course highlights data issues related to in-field raw data storage, data retrieval and protection, retrieval frequency, and documentation.

This course can be used by professional engineers to fulfill PDH requirements mandated by state and provincial licensing boards. This course provides 6 hours of continuing education.

Wind Energy Training Course

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