Saturday, August 22, 2009

Online Course in BioMass Systems and Biorefinery Technology - Biomass Oil Systems

"Biorefinery technology can improve the income of firms that produce energy products combined with biobased coproducts. They do this by producing a variety of high value products in addition to the typically low value fuels. The biomass feedstocks evaluated in this report are lipids from animal fats, fish and poultry oils, plant oils, and recycled cooking greases. Higher rates of return attract investors and lead to expanded capacity. Profits generated by the biobased fuels may encourage more investment, more facilities, and eventually a larger biofuel supply. Thus, biomass biorefineries need biobased coproducts to succeed in the fuels industry.

In this course the student will learn about biomass oils and distillate fuel use opportunities, production, composition, supply and biorefinery methods. The student will learn of the business advantages of using alternate fuels such as biomass fuels to improve the bottom line."

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  1. I'm really guessing that this is going to be one of the biggest careers in the future. Seriously, we will run out of oil soon and people are going to search for alternatives.