Saturday, July 25, 2009

Natural Gas Drilling Impacts Private Wells - Also Shows Weakness in Private Well Construction Standards

Back in March 2009, The Times Tribune reported that a natural gas drilling company - i.e., Cabot Oil & Gas Corp - caused methane contamination of a private well in Susquehanna County - Dimock Township.

The article quoted and referenced a PADEP letter dated February 27, 2009 that included that Cabot violated two state laws.

The follow up analysis showed that the methane was coming from a shallow methane producing formation at a depth of 1500 feet and not the Marcellus Shale.

This finding supports to the need to conduct background water quality monitoring of private wells, to install more than one freshwater casing, and to establish construction standards for private wells.

The public needs to take action to protect groundwater and surfacewater quality. This can be done by getting informed and educated, helping to establish private well construction standards, and conducting background water quality monitoring.

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