Friday, July 10, 2009

Green Field Energy and Local Grassroots Organization Offer Free Workshop on Solar and Wind Energy In PA

Green Field Energy Solutions has announced a Free Wind & Solar Workshop to help individuals and businesses “Get Off The Grid™.” It is an uncertain time as we await the final announcement of the utility deregulations and the effects of the predicted skyrocketing energy costs. Green Field Energy Solutions has collaborated with Keystone Energy, Electric City Wind Power Corp, Pocono Northeast Resource Conservation & Development Council, and Endless Mountains Resource Conservation & Development Council, to offer a free workshop to educate the community on wind and solar considerations and applications.

Green Field Energy Solutions offers renewable energy solutions for clients to become more energy efficient in their home or business utilizing wind turbines to maximize their ability to “Get Off The Grid.” Keystone Energy is a locally owned solar installation company. Since they are a Pennsylvania approved installer, they are able to offer state rebates as well as federal tax credits for qualifying residential and commercial clients. Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc and its licensed manufacturing and distribution partner in Pennsylvania, Scranton based Electric City Wind Power Corp will be presenting information on the newest version of the Company’s MAT (Multi-Axis Turbosystem) wind generation unit. The MAT unit is a revolutionary development in wind power generation, only 40 to 65 feet in height, yet scalable from 5 kW up to megawatt sized installations. With a lower cost than other wind power systems, fractional maintenance costs, but providing electricity generation at commercial grade productions levels, the MAT system is a total solution for homes, farms, businesses and communities that want to capitalize on wind resources, yet not pay the price of view shed destruction.

The Wind & Solar Workshop is ideal for all residential customers and business owners who want to learn more about wind and solar technology and the considerations for such applications. It is an exciting time to invest into alternative energy. The federal government is offering some very attractive incentives to include a 30% tax credit, 50% immediate write off for businesses, and energy production credits for businesses that invest into alternative energy.

The sponsors for this event include Community Bank & Trust, Fidelity Bank, The Pocono Northeast RC&D Council, and the Endless Mountains RC&D Council. Community Bank & Trust, serves Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Wyoming, Monroe and Wayne counties, and offers a reduced interest rate for their “Green Home Equity Loan” which includes no application fee, a shopping bag made of recycled materials, and a First Alert Smoke Detector for applicants that are approved. Fidelity Bank encourages its customers to go “green” by banking online, and by taking advantage of their Green Home Equity Loan. Families can receive 0.25% off their home equity loan rate when they make environmentally friendly home improvements. To learn more visit

The Pocono Northeast RC&D and Endless Mountains RC&D Councils are both local 501c3 nonprofit organizations in northeast PA whose mission is to enhance and improve the ecological, cultural, and economic characteristics of the area through projects and programs that promote the management, protection, and sustainable utilization of the area’s resources.

The Wind & Solar Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at St. Rose Academy, 1300 Old Plank Road, Mayfield, PA 18433. Reserve your seating by calling Deana Kilmer at (570) 876-0537 or email at

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