Saturday, December 20, 2014

GeoCorps America program Putting Geoscientists to Work

EARTH: GeoCorps America - Putting Geoscientists to Work on Federal Lands (Press Release)

"Alexandria, Va. - The GeoCorps America program has been putting geoscientists to work on federal lands since 1997. From its inception as an undergraduate summer internship program through the U.S. National Park Service's Geoscientists-in-the-Parks program with just two positions, GeoCorps has now grown to encompass projects in more than 60 national parks, 15 national forests and 15 BLM lands. Today, with more than 1,500 applicants vying for about 150 positions annually, the program is larger than ever and still growing, and this year, it put its thousandth participant in a park.

"I'd definitely recommend GeoCorps America to people," Erica Clites, a former GeoCorps participant, told EARTH in our January feature "GeoCorps America:
Putting geoscientists to work on federal lands." "The positions are really well thought out. You get real work experience."

And that's exactly the point: The program doesn't just involve trail maintenance or cleaning out public latrines. It's real geoscience experience, everything from creating GIS maps and databases to protecting paleontological resources to researching the effects of climate change on a given region.

Read more about how young geoscientists are changing our parks and getting real-world experience in the January issue of EARTH magazine:

For more stories about the science of our planet, check out EARTH magazine online or subscribe at The January issue, now available on the digital newsstand, features stories on the "100-year flood" fallacy, how groundwater chemistry changed prior to several earthquakes in Iceland, and new thoughts on how many dinosaurs were feathered, plus much, much more."

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