Wednesday, August 13, 2014

One Solution to Bottled Water - Without Electricity NSF Standard 58

Purchasing bottled water is not the solution.

The Simple Solution: 

The simplest and least costly way to provide Safe Pure Water to as many people as possible is household purchase of a Life Saver Non-Electric Steam Water Distiller. 

The Life Saver Distiller is over 99.9% effective in killing bacteria and other microbial organisms and in removing all types of pollutants from any type of contaminated water -- including Raw Sea Water, Flood Water, or Sewage Water if necessary. 
By use of a pressure cooker as the boiling chamber, the Life Saver Non-Electric Steam Water Distiller can produce 11 US gallons per day of Pure Sterile Water for drinking and cooking. In addition, the pressure cooker can be used in its normal role in bulk food preparation with minimal cost for fuel in preparing a meal in as little as 15-20 minutes. 

Of major significance, is the fact that under NSF Standard 58, Steam Distillation is the only stand-alone process for removal of arsenic from water.
Conquest International is the manufacturer of the Life Saver Non-Electric
Steam Water Distiller Kit.   The Life Saver Water Distiller is designed for both Normal Day-to-Day Living, for use inside and outside the house, for camping, other outdoor uses, and in Emergency/Survival Situations where potable water or bottled water is not available for cooking and drinking.  With the Life Saver Water Distiller Kit you can produce your own Pure Distilled Water where there is no electrical power available.

Note: You will need to provide you own heat source. 

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