Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Microbial Filtermitts Sediment FilterMitts for Natural Gas Development, Land Development, Stormwater Management

Microbial Filtermitts™ and Sediment FilterMitts™ securely contain our compost blend within a biodegradable fabric enclosure. They can be used for detaining or directing surface water flows, retaining sediment, and protecting wetlands and other water resources. Absent of any synthetic materials, Microbial FilterMitts™ and Sediment FilterMitts™ can be left in place indefinitely, saving the cost of removal. The natural fabric eventually biodegrades and is used as a food source for the micro-organisms.

Microbial FilterMitts™ and Sediment FilterMitts™  can be used alone or in conjunction with other storm water management techniques. They can also be grouped together to form a FilterMitt Berm™.

Composition and function:   
Phase II Stormwater Products Inc.'s FilterMitts™ are burlap fabric Mitts  filled with the appropriate compost blends, used for sediment and erosion control. These Mitts are sized accordingly for each job, unless specified.

• Flat areas or slopes.

• For short and long term solutions; FilterMitts™ can be easily removed before the fabric decomposes.

• If left in place, the hessian (burlap) casing eventually biodegrades, eliminating need for removal.

• Appropriate uses include shoreline stabilization, on slopes and flat areas, check dams, vegetation establishment, retaining walls, and in backfill and bioengineering applications.

• Compatible with vegetation establishment; plants can be installed into the FilterMitt™.

To ensure proper functioning, regular inspections, and, if necessary, maintenance should take place after installation. FilterMitts™ should be inspected immediately after each rainfall-producing event, and at least daily during prolonged rainfall events. Proper functioning and sediment accumulation should be checked during inspection. Deposited sediments should be removed when the level of deposition reaches approximately one half the height of the FilterMitt™.  

FilterMitts™ can be sprayed with Microbial Inoculations at about two-month intervals to maintain high levels of active microorganisms.

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  1. Another way to help reduce the flow of contaminants is by using a curb inlet filter.

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