Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pennsylvania Energy Games A Conservation Message Was Delivered

B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. attended and participated in the PA Energy Games at the request of the Keystone Clean Water Team.  The Keystone Clean Water Team is a statewide effort to provide education outreach that is fact based to the citizens of Pennsylvania on a number of key water, lifestyle, and environmental issues in PA that has grown out of the Carbon County Groundwater Guardian Program.   It was our primary goal to deliver a conservation message and we did.

The PA Energy Games in many ways was similar to the Energy Expos we spearheaded in Luzerne County, PA in 2009 and 2010, but with much more of a family friendly and entertainment approach.  The event was free and when I spoke to the guests that stopped by our booth- they seem to really be enjoying themselves. During this event, our booth contained information on the following:.

Alternative and Renewable Energy

Solar - We had information available from Greenfield Energy Solutions

Conservation - We provide some information on energy vampires, but recommended homesowners to get an energy audit completed.

Wind - We provide basic information on wind energy systems and some information on local installers.

Geothermal - We provide information from two local vendors (Greg Sorber Well Drilling and Duane Moyer Well Drilling).  We believe that groundsource heating and cooling systems are a long-term key approach for energy resource management in Pennsylvania.  These systems can have an efficiency well over 300%, but it is critical to have a good design and control energy loss or waste in the home.

Biomass - this was a huge success.  We had the Pocono Northeast RC&D Council show off a video of their pelletizing  system to convert grass into a fuel and Mr.Bob Thomas from the Renewable Energy Center to provide information this efficient and local homegrown energy solution to large landowners, farmers, homeowners, royalty owners, and the industry.  The system can be used to produce material that not only can be burned as a fuel, but used for equine bedding, erosion control measures, and much more.

We had information on career options in energy audits, alternative energy, and professional training programs -Alternative Energy, Sustainability, and Green Building Training Opportunities

Water Quality and Conservation
Groundwater and Water Quality - The Carbon County Groundwater Guardians gave out Free Copies of Pennsylvania Water Quality - A Private Well Owners Guide and we discussed issues of baseline testing, low cost informational water testing, potential health concerns, and potential routes of environmental impact.

We did not get the opportunity to listen to the music or watch the competitions, but I was told they were fabulous.

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