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Our new web-portal provides access to information to assist private well owners and small water system operates with information on how to identify and diagnose water quality problems, learn about water testing, baseline testing, common water treatment systems, and information related to natural gas develop and hydraulic fracturing.    The primary reason private well owners and small water systems require this addition support and education is that in many states these systems are not adequately protected and regulated in their home state and the EPA. 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established drinking water standards for public water supplies, but the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) is the agency that enforces these standards in Pennsylvania. A public water supply is defined as “a system which provides water the public for human consumption and which has at least 15 service connections or regularly services an average of at least 25 individuals daily at least 60 days out of the year.” Therefore, a private well that services your home or a few homes or a small spring is not specifically regulated by the drinking water standards, but these standards can be used to evaluate the quality of your drinking water. This also means that a well that may serve multiple families or a spring/pond that may service an agribusiness may still not be regulated under the US EPA Drinking Water Standards.

With respect to water quality, the drinking water standards are divided into two types of standards. The primary drinking water standards were set based on specific health concerns or impacts whereas the secondary drinking water standards are based on aesthetic issues and concerns. For example, water which slightly exceeds the secondary standard for iron would still be safe to drink but might have a metallic taste and could leave a reddish-orange stain on plumbing and laundry. The primary drinking water standards are also known as Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCL) and the secondary drinking water standards are known as Secondary Maximum Contaminant Levels (SMCL).

The Water Research Center has partnered with B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc., national and regional certified laboratory (water testing), Carbon and other independent laboratories to provide you with the best information on baseline testing and sampling as it relates to Oil and Gas Development, Common Water Quality Problems for Private Wells, Informational Water Testing, and other information to help you understand the quality of your drinking water and Protect YOUR Family.

With respect to water quality testing and our testing kits- Our team of water quality professionals can help you and our program is designed to help you identify the possible cause of a water quality problem for free.  With the information we have provided, we can help to diagnose your water quality issues and concerns and if necessary our water testing services are designed to focus specifically on residential and homeowner concerns and confirm your suspensions.   We have experience working on private water wells, springs, city water, community water system, commercial water systems, and industrial water needs.

We recommend getting an annual water quality analysis.  This recommendation is also supported by the EPA.  If there is natural gas development in your region, we also strongly recommend baseline testing.  We do not work for natural gas companies and our team of samplers have been specifically trained to help protect your water sources.  It is important to get the waters tested and work as a community - You can Learn More at   Learn how to protect your well and drinking water sources.

Our goal is to give your family peace of mind and assist you to protect you and your family. Learn about your well, groundwater, and  Act NOW - Get Your Water Tested ! The following is link to the key features of our site:

Private Well Owner Education- Water Testing, Well Construction, and Groundwater

Examples of Contaminated Drinking Water

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  1. We are looking to schedule education outreach events in PA. The events are fact based and the main goal is to educate and inform private well owners in Pennsylvania. Schedule an Education Event by Contacting the Water Research Center or the Groundwater Guardians
    Our Goal is Educating Private Well Owners, Getting the Waters Tested, and helping private well owners.

  2. I really wish we would have more people involved in water testing in IL. Many water sources seem like they would have a lot of undesirable contents. Glad we have filters for our home.