Monday, September 3, 2012

Respiratory Care Pharmacology Training Course

Respiratory Care Pharmacology Part I (Complete Course)
Respiratory Care Pharmacology presents the essential, need-to- know information on respiratory pharmacology. It covers pharmacokinetics principles as they relate to respiratory agents, drug administration, and a range of specific drugs used in respiratory care and their effects on body systems. 6th edition features newly released drugs and updated discussions with new content on adrenergic bronchodilators, mucoactive agents, antiasthma agents, anti-infective agents, cardiac drugs, and circulatory drugs.

Corresponding Textbook: RAU's Respiratory Care Pharmacology By Douglas S. Gardenhire, EdD (c), RRT

18 hours

Text Info:
75 Multiple Choice and True/False Questions
75% needed to pass, three tries if not passed on first try

Textbook Info:
Master the essentials of respiratory care pharamacology!
Celebrating its 30th year in publication, the new edition of this classic resource is completely updated and now even easier to read! IT offers essential, need-to-know information about respiratory pharmacology in a full-color, vividly illustrated format that simplifies complex concepts and prepares you for practice. This edition includes the most recent FDA-approved medications and reflects the current state of respiratory care practice in today’s health care environment.

Quickly learn key pharmacology concepts:
-Pharmacokinetic principles as they relate to respiratory care
-The principles of drug action
-The basic methods of drug administration
-Standard drug calculations
-The effects of drugs on body systems

Stay up to date with the latest developments in the field:
-The most recent FDA-approved medications
-Regular drug updates on a companion Evolve website
-Drugs used to treat critical care and cardiovascular patients

Prepare for certification and clinical practice:
-learning objectives parallel the recall, analysis, and application levels tested on the NBRC examination
-Key terms define important respiratory care pharmacology terminology
-Key Points boxes identify the most relevant concepts.

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