Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tracking Methane Gas - Natural Pipeline Household Wellhead and Environmental Leaks and Releases

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Article Prepared by: Bob Ackley [bobackley@gassafetyusa.com]
Edited by: Brian Oram- bfenviro@ptd.net

Gas Safety Inc. (GSI), specializes in pipeline distribution system leakage, the effects of leakage on the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens and environment, and the impact of the leakage on the cost of natural gas to the consumer. Gas Safety Inc is committed to the safe transmission and use of natural gas. Natural gas leaks can be an explosion hazard as well as an environmental hazard that can threaten your health and environment and it is a waste of our energy resources. Natural gas leaks emanating from distribution piping systems are causing millions of dollars of damage to lawns, shrubs and trees. Our instruments have the ability to detect as little as 10 parts per billion of natural gas or propane. Gas Safety employees are operator qualified to conduct Department of Transportation compliance leakage surveys and to respond to odor complaints.
GSI has documented thousands of distribution system leaks that are damaging millions of dollars of public shade trees in the greater Boston area. Gas Safety Inc. can detect natural gas leaks that damage and destroy valuable public property. Our team has detected thousands of leaks that have damaged millions of dollars of our urban forest. Our team can test one, ten or every tree in your community and save the costs of pruning and removal of dead and damaged trees caused by leaking natural gas. Cities and towns and urban forestry programs are taking steps to test, monitor, and encourage the necessary repair to leaking gas lines. In some cases, local grassroots organizations are taking a stand to ensure their rights and privileges are protected and compensated, but the first and most important step is awareness.

Low levels of methane inside structures have generally been ignored by most government agencies, health departments, and industry. In most cases this is because field instrumentation was not able to detect minor leaks that waste energy, it costs you money, and could impact your health. A Gas Safety Inc survey can protect your private property from the inherent dangers and elevated energy costs associated with a leaking natural gas system. Whether it is gas leaking from your gas provider or from private piping downstream from the meter, Gas Safety Inc instruments can detect as little as 10 parts per billion of gas in the atmosphere. Gas Safety Inc can also detect any leaking gas outside of a home or building that may be damaging your grass, shrubs or trees. Gas Safety Inc has detected thousands of leaks that have caused millions of dollars of damage to trees, shrubs and lawns.

Picarro G2301 Greenhouse Gas Analyzer  is available for use in detecting methane concentrations to 1 part per billion. The Picarro instruments are considered the “Gold Standard” in greenhouse gas monitoring instruments. Some units have the ability to isotopically fingerprint biogenic and thermogenic methane sources.

The Picarro analyzer has the capability to take readings every second. This is real-time monitoring for methane. The Picarro analyzer can be interface with GPS coordinates- This is spatial analysis. When these two data sources or streams are combined, this system can produce a real-time spatial analysis of methane gas distribution. This can be linked with to Google Earth KML files to provide maps that can be used to make a positive change in the community and identify the primary sources of methane gas releases from pipelines, delivery lines, industrial activities, and the environment.

Newton, Massachusetts main thoroughfares natural gas pipeline gas leakage 1/5/2012:

Google Earth screen shot of Newton, MA natural gas pipeline leakage. The survey was conducted by Bob Ackley of Gas Safety Inc., and Nathan Phillips PhD. of Boston University of roadways in and around Newton, MA..

Picarro technology will allow us to determine if there are any emissions both prior to and post natural gas development, hydrofracking, and gas delivery.  In addition, the laboratory scale units have the capability to aid in determining the generic source of the gas, i.e., biogenic or thermogenic origin.  To learn more, visit our webportal

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