Friday, October 7, 2011

Petroleum Engineer

Online Training Programs

15-hour Petroleum Engineer Training
This is a 15 hour package of online courses catering to petroleum engineers. The courses contained in this package are:

Ethical Decision Making for Engineers #2 (1 hour)
Petroleum: Gulf of Mexico OCS Oil and Gas Pipelines (1 hour)
Petroleum: Liquefied Natural Gas - The Global Market (2 hours)
Petroleum: MMS Case Studies - Offshore Oil & Gas Safety Alerts (1 hour)
Petroleum: Oil and Gas Drilling Technologies (1 hour)
Petroleum: US Code - Oil Pollution Liability & Compensation (2 hours)
Petroleum: Waste Minimization in the Oil Field (3 hours)
OSHA Pressure Vessel Chemical Cracking (1 hour)
Underground Natural Gas Storage: Basics (1 hour)
Pipe Support Systems (2 hours)
Course Meets Multi-Stater Training Requirements !

Purchased individually these courses would cost $546.25. When you purchase this discounted package you save $54.59!

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