Friday, September 9, 2011

Secretary Of Energy Report on Shale Gas - August 2011 - The problem is poor cementing and casing practices

The Secretary of Energy,  Steven Chu’s,  Shale Gas Commission released a report in mid August that basically said there is a growing demand for natural gas and a great potential, but there are a number of environmental concerns.  When statesments like this are made, the first thing individuals think about is the "frac process". 

The problem was the primary concerns were:
a. Cummulative effects associated with air quality.
b. Tracking and Monitoring Water Usage
c. Better Disclosure of Frac Chemicals and Best Practices
d. The Problem appears to be poor construction and cementing practices, older / abandon wells
e. Need for funded research
f. Need for more public and private partnerships and education
To download a copy of a 40 page copy of this report - Go to B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc.

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