Friday, August 19, 2011

Citizens Unite - Compile Your Water Quality Data - PA NEEDS YOUR Help

Citizens - there are more private wells than public water supplies in Pennsylvania.  In many regions, the natural gas companies have conducted baseline testing and have returned the data to you.  The problem is that the industry has the data and can easily compile, but for citizens they are lacking an explanation of the data and it is not being compiled.  We need to work together to protect our groundwater and surfacewater resources.

To help - send NO Money - All that is being asked is as follows:

1. Send a copy of your water quality data or host a community meeting where the water quality data could be compiled.  To request a community meeting - email or
Please put Citizen Database in Subject.

2. Release the data to the Citizens Groundwater / Surfacewater Database at Wilkes University.  Here is the information sheet.
3. Email the information to the addresses above or send a hardcopy to

Mr. Brian Oram, PG
Citizen Outreach Program
15 Hillcrest Drive
Dallas, PA 18612

4. You get a review of your data for free and you can be sure your data will help track water quality change in the region.

Also - Let Your Voice be Heard on Marcellus Issues - Complete the
New Marcellus Shale Survey for Watershed Groups and Private Well Owners
Information is being used to update a NEW Free Booklet on Groundwater - We really need YOUR input.

To learn more about this FREE Program - Go Here NOW !

Please act now. 
Thanks for your consideration

Brian Oram, PG

marcellus shale groundwater contamination ?

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