Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pennsylvania Private Well Water Drinking Water Testing Progarm

B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. has updated the web-portal to provide additional information and resources related to drinking water quality, private well construciton, water treatment systems, informational water testing, and baseline water testing.  The web portal is maintained by Mr. Brian Oram.   Mr. Oram-is a licensed professional geologist and soil scientist with over 20 years experience in applied earth and environmental sciences.

Mr. Oram has conducted research and consulting projects related to acid mine drainage ( AMD ), mine drainage, lake and stream monitoring programs, wetland creation and monitoring, filtration plant performance evaluations, testing new point of use water treatment devices and systems, hydrogeological evaluations, geological investigations, soils testing, soil morphological evaluations, water well drilling and construction, drinking water testing, mail order water testing kit program, and land reclamation.

Mr. Oram has also been involved with Citizen Monitoring and other Environmental Training Programs for groups within the United States, Europe, and even the former Soviet Union.  For more information about the informational water testing program, self monitoring testing equipment, or certified water quality testing please visit our web-portal.
Mr. Oram is available for workshops, professional training programs, and other community outreach programs.  Mr. Oram conducts baseline water quality sampling and chain-of-custody services related to natural gas development.
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    A small percentage of the private systems rely on surface waters as the water source and apply treatment processes to make the water suitable for consumptive purposes. Safe reliable drinking water is a priority for public health. The primary focus of this program is to provide information to well users on appropriate testing and the importance of water quality. Thanks a lot...

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