Saturday, February 12, 2011

Private Water Well Owners Free Water Quality Manual for Private Well Owners in Pennsylvania


Private Water Well Owners
Wilkes University just recently created and released a new free publication titled "Water Quality - Your Private Well What Do the Results Mean?" The publication is written by three professional geologist from Wilkes University.

The goal of the document is to "help citizens interpret the results of a recent baseline water quality analysis of your drinking water. The document provides general information explaining the drinking water regulations and standards, provides information related to the acute or aesthetic concern for each parameter, and should be used as an aid to help you interpret your results.In some cases, this document provides guidance on whatactions you may want to consider."

This document is part of the University's outreach and eduational in Northeastern Pennsylvania. To obtain a free copy of the publication,

In addition, Wilkes University is working on the first Citizen Groundater Quality Database.  We need your help to document the quality of the water in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  If you had baseline testing completed for your source and it was either paid by your or a third party and the well was sampled following chain-of-custody practices and submitted to a third party laboratory, WE NEED Your HELP and WE NEED Your Data !  To become part of this Community Effort - please go to "Citizen Water Quality Database".    If you have questions about baseline testing - Visit our Informational Page.    On the information page, you will find information on suggested water quality tests, information on baseline testing, and listing for certified laboratories in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The database will not include any personal information - this is all confidential.

Also - need some education and training for your group - Request Assistance.

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