Thursday, December 30, 2010

Online Marketing and Networking in 2011- Getting the Word Out- Building Traffic Building a Brand

The value of the internet is that it is an excellant opportunity to get your message out about your organization, business, social efforts, or community message.  There are a number of options to help with this effort, the most expensive is to hirer a SEO, search engine optimization professional, or online marketing and promotion company.  This is great if you are a Fortune 500 Company, but if you are like most non-profit organizations and small business this is not realistic or within any budget. 

If you are on a budget and need to do the work yourself, the keys are as follows:

a. Develop Good Solid Content and Exchange Links with Strong Sites - An example of this is

This site generates about 2500 unique visitors per day - no paid advertising.

b.Create a Facebook Site and Friend Key Sites - a few examples:
Pocono Northeast RC&D Council
Water Research and Watershed Education Center
Carbon County Groundwater Guardians

c. Create a number of Personal or Business Facebook and Linked Sites
Brian Oram (facebook)
Brian Oram - Linked

d. Prepare a Press Release and regularly submit - There are a number of services, but I like PRWEB.  Most press releases are search engine index - great long-term exposure for a site.
Some of my press releases

e. Training- take some Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Courses - very cost effective.

f. URL Submission - This is needed by try a Free Service First.

g. Create a Video for Your Business - Please Mention =Brian Oram to the owner - we went to school together.  Scot is an old friend and the service and quality is great.

h. Paypal - add a donate button to your site. (I am working on this effort to help support an online education site).

g. Register a solid domain name and maybe multiple secondary domain names.

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