Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Independent Water Testing in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Independent Water Testing Prior to Natural Gas Exploration and Development in Pennsylvania and the Marcellus Shale- Certified Third Party Independent Baseline Water Testing and Environmental Analysis Provided

B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. provides environmental consulting, expert witness, water quality sampling, independent baseline water sampling/ testing/analysis, chain-of-custody services, and education outreach services to landowners and other organizations. The primary focus of our outreach efforts is to aid in evaluating and documenting baseline environmental conditions, evaluate potential for environmental impact, educate citizens on the natural gas development, and assist municipalities/ citizen groups in planning related activities. Regarding the Marcellus Shale - We provide services throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania including Bradford, Carbon, Columbia, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Pike, Potter, Wayne, Wyoming, Susquehanna, and Tioga Counties, but we work on outreach programs throughout Pennsylvania- We work for the people.
A summary of the services provided by B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. and its partners:

a. conducting baseline water quality sampling and monitoring and developing custom environmental monitoring/ assessment programs as part of a baseline water test;
b. expert testimony and professional consultant services;
c. environmental education and outreach;
d. conducting environmental assessments and inventories; and
e. implementing engineering controls and engineering design.
To adequately meet your needs - you must establish a baseline that does the following:

1. Addresses the existing condition of the groundwater source including volume and quality based on the existing or proposed usage and surrounding conditions. Therefore, a person with a quarry near their home and a spring - may need a different set a parameters than a person living in the middle of a 100+ acre forest.

(Pick the right parameters that meet YOUR budget, YOUR Need, and relates to YOUR situation - One package does not fit ALL).

2. Characterize your well - static and dynamic water level- measure flow or rate - calculate specific capacity.
3. Work with a "certified laboratory" using their technician or a technician that they approve or authorize.
4. The laboratory could be PADEP approve or Nationally Accredited and the laboratory must be certified for the specific methods or process your sample in cooperation with another laboratory that is certified for the necessary methods.
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Independent Water Testing / Third Party Sampling by a Licensed Professional

Over 20 years experience in geology, hydrology, and water quality related issues in Northeastern PA; expert witness, licensed water well driller, soil scientist, and much more.
Note: The PSU Approach may not be the best approach.

The State Certified Laboratories that serve Northeastern PA are (partial list):

Aqua-Tech Lab, Mountaintop, PA 868-5346

Benchmark Analytical, East Stroudsburg, PA, 421-5122

Kirby Health Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA 822-4278

Friend Lab Inc., Waverly, NY, 607-565-2893

Northeastern Environmental Labs, Scranton, PA, 348-0775

Quantum Labs in Dickson City, PA 570-489-6964

Hawk Mountain Labs 570-455-6011 (Hazle Township, PA)

Seewald Laboratories 570.326.4001 ( Williamsport, PA)

(always willing to update)
Do not be fooled - there are a number of "lab" websites. When you look deep enough- these are actually just collectors with little expertise in groundwater, water chemistry, and are not likely worth the money.