Monday, June 7, 2010

BP Oil Discharge Not a Spill in the Gulf - It is not a Spill But a Failure - Oil Spill Live Feed

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Drink the Bug Juice - BP's Spin

Live Feeds - Not Someone Selling T-Shirts

BP Response - The Details

BP Response - The Videos

Visualize the BP Diaster

Again this was done for my benefit - I got sick of all the ads and spoof sites.


1. This should tell us we should not be drilling in these types of areas without significant improvement and increases in third party inspections, posting significant bonds, and more detailed permitting, etc.

2. We need to have back-up on the back-ups.

3. We need to make a stronger effort to promote alternative energy systems, conservation, and tax incentatives to create jobs and install geothermal, ground source, solar, wind, etc.  Lets try to reduce oil usage as fast as possible.

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