Monday, February 8, 2010

Natural Gas Drilling Tip Line - Direct to EPA Region 3

Natural Gas Drilling Tip Line

EPA's Mid-Atlantic Region has a natural gas drilling tip line for reporting dumping and other illegal or suspicious hauling and/or disposal activities.
Tip line number (toll free): 1-877-919-4372 (877-919-4EPA)
Tip email address:
Tip mailing address:

EPA Region 3

1650 Arch Street (3CEOO)

Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029

Documenting Suspicious Activity:

To the extent possible, record:

• Location of the event

• Date of the event

• Time of the event

• Who, if anyone you interacted with during the event
Photos and videos are great ways to document observations. Be sure to record the date and time the photo or video was taken. Email your digital files, or mail your photographic prints, video cassettes, or CD-ROM disks to EPA using the contact information above.
When describing what you observed, include:

• Activity taking place, including description of equipment and materials involved

• Descriptions of vehicles

- Color

- Company name or logo

- License plate number

- Type of vehicle

• Destination of discharge (physical location and stream name, if known)

• Environmental impacts: discoloration, dying vegetation, dead fish or other wildlife.

Effort to support - local citizen and watershed groups and local government

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